About Us

The Southeast Chapter was chartered in 1994 and is part of the Eastern District Council of the national organization of the Japanese American Citizens’ League. The Southeast Chapter traditionally gathers together the fun and educational events and activities, including:

Chapter Activities

Cultural Programs

    • JapanFest booth
    • Student education (school guest lectures)
    • Community education (guest lecturing at libraries, societies, etc.)
    • Asian American Civil Rights Symposium, 2010 or 2011
      • In partnership with OCA
      • Ed Nakawatse came in from Philadelphia to be keynote speaker
        • Ed came to GA in the 1960s to be in the Rainbow Coalition; was roommates with John Lewis
        • Keynote address reflected on the building bridges in unexpected ways: Ed was considered “invisible” as an Asian American, “yellow” man; non-threatening in his racial liminality. Therefore, Ed was able to build bridges between contentious groups by passing out information to both sides.

Social Gatherings

    • Annual Spring Potluck Picnic
      • usually between May – July
    • Annual Holiday Dinner
      • Sushi Avenue on Ponce for past 8+ years

Grants, Education, Advocacy

    • Chopsticks for Charity Grant, 2005/2006: disseminate 100+ school curricula to educate about Japanese Concentration Camps

Current President: Ashley Cheyemi McNeil

Current Organizers:

  • Dave Furukawa
  • Roger Ozaki
  • Sam (Doi) Sears

Past Presidents:

  • 1st President: Bill Sakamoto White
  • 2nd President: Sam (Doi) Sears
  • 3rd President: Joel Peterson
  • 4th President: Mike Furukawa
  • 5th President: Roger Ozaki
  • 6th President: Linda Moore
  • 7th President: Roger Ozaki
  • 8th President: Sachi Koto
  • 9th President: Dave Furukawa

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